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Evenings for Educators

Thursday, February 7
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Space is limited

With generous support from TFCU (Teachers Federal Credit Union), our Evenings for Educators programs provide networking, learning and professional development experiences for active administrators and educators teaching across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. These programs invite educators to each of our special evenings featuring a reception, guest speakers, professional development and a guided tour of current Museum exhibitions.  

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Upcoming Evening for Educators


Testimonials from Teachers

"This experience was energetic and motivating for me as an educator. I intend to bring this mood back to my students. I will be looking at their creations with 'new eyes.'"

"Laura introduced inquiry based methods of looking at the art and presented useful activities for looking at art with students."

"Rebecca was very knowledgeable. She has so many creative ideas of how to implement the exhibit with various age groups and ability levels."

"I will provide an opportunity for my students to have a similar experience where they will interpret something and share their perspective, where they can build on each other’s’ ideas and have rich discussions."

"As an ENL certified teacher, I would use the art approach in expanding kids’ language skills through dialogue, role play, etc."

"I can have my students create different art projects and do different activities using ELA and math concepts. I like how I can incorporate other curriculum areas into the work of the different artists."


Professional Development K-16

The Nassau County Museum of Art offers a variety of Professional Development opportunities for administrators and educators in all fields to explore how to use the Museum as a resource for teaching. The workshops are art-centered, inquiry-based, and designed to engage viewers in a participatory and meaningful experience. Tailored to the needs of each group, all workshops also address both the Common Core and New York State Learning Standards. We encourage teachers to see the museum as an exciting destination for their students and as a resource for classroom learning.

Teachers receive CTLE credit and a certificate of participation for all Professional Development Workshops.

Half Day Workshop


To Schedule a Workshop, contact Rebecca Hirschwerk, Manager of School Programs 

Full Day Workshop


Participants receive an Educator’s Guide to the Museum’s current exhibition.

To Schedule a Workshop, contact Rebecca Hirschwerk, Manager of School Programs 

TFCU Professional Development Workshops

Wednesday, April 25
4:30 - 6:30 pm  

Spend a mid-week evening in a lively and collegial program with NCMA educators as you connect with colleagues throughout Long Island and experience our current exhibitions.

To RSVP, contact Noemi Fletcher, Public Programs Manager

Guidelines for Group Visits

Our focus for tours is interactivity—helping visitors find personal and meaningful connections with works of art. Please discuss the following guidelines with your group before your visit, to ensure a positive experience.

Be Careful

Admiring is encouraged, touching is not. Artworks, including outdoor sculpture, may not be handled or climbed for any reason!

No running, jumping or gum-chewing in the building

All backpacks, packages, water bottles, coats and umbrellas must be left in the coat room upon entering

Please remember that this is a nature preserve; do not engage in any behavior that may harm or damage the wildlife or vegetation that resides here. Please remove any litter you or your group may create

Keep in Mind

An art museum is a place for reflection; please engage in quiet discussion as other groups and individuals concentrate on the exhibitions

We want your visit to be enjoyable and rewarding. With your cooperation we can continue the tradition of welcoming all visitors who love the museum as much as we do!  


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