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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the Museum.

During the pandemic we are asking all visitors to adhere to appropriate measures to prevent spread of the virus.

Please click here for these visitor guidelines.

May I purchase tickets in advance?

Tickets should be purchased or reserved in advance to ensure access to the exhibitions. Click hereto purchase tickets.

To reserve Member tickets you must first register on the website (click here to register). Once registered, your member benefit for tickets will be applied to tickets you reserve online.  If you are already registered, click here to sign in.

Are there dining facilities?

There are no dining facilities at the Museum. Click here to find restaurants in the area. Snack and beverage vending machines and a seating area are available for visitors.

May I check a suitcase?

No. Travel luggage, camping backpacks, and garment bags are not permitted in the coatroom.

Do umbrellas, coats, packages, and backpacks need to be checked?

Free self-service checking is provided in the coatroom for the following items which must be left: coats (unless they are going to be worn), umbrellas, and large bags or packages

Are there parking facilities?

Complimentary parking is available on site and a short walk from the Mansion. Limited handicap-permit parking and a ramp are available just past the Mansion entrance. Parking is available at the Manes Center, as well.

May I take photographs?

Still photography without flash for personal use by means of phones, hand-held cameras and tablet devices, is permitted, except for those objects which are explicitly prohibited by notice. Selfie sticks are not permitted. Videography and use of a tripod are not permitted at any time.

Professional and commercial photography are allowed only with a permit. Click here for more information. 

Are there guided tours?

At this time, in order to ensure social distancing, the Museum is not offering guided tours.

Please visit our Museum Your Way page for virtual tours, programs and activities.

Does the Museum offer an audio guide?

We do not at this time offer an audio tour.

Please visit our virtual gallery for exhibtion guides that can be viewed or downloaded, a virtual tour of the exhibtion blue. and a recorded lecture about the exhbition.

Do you rent any spaces for private events?

Certain areas are available for functions. Please visit our Event Rentals page for more information.

May I bring a child in a stroller or backpack?

Strollers and child carriers may be used in the galleries

Are you open late any evening?

We do not offer evening hours at this time.

Is there a time I can enter for free or pay what I wish?

Admission for Members is always free! Join today.

Can I bring a pet?

No pets are allowed on the grounds or in Museum buildings. Properly credentialed service animals are, of course, permitted.

Are any items prohibited from being brought into the Museum?

The following items are not permitted: guns, knives, scissors, tools, spray paint, liquids, beverages, or any other object the Museum deems to be a concern.

What time do the galleries close?

Galleries begin to close at 4:45 p.m.

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