Visitor Guidelines

Be Mindful
An art museum is a place for reflection; please engage in quiet discussion as other groups and individuals concentrate on the exhibitions
We want your visit to be enjoyable and rewarding. With your cooperation we can continue the tradition of welcoming all visitors who love the museum as much as we do!

Be Careful
• Admiring is encouraged, touching is not. Artworks, including outdoor sculpture, may not be handled or climbed for any reason!
• All large bags, packages, water bottles, coats and umbrellas must be left in the complimentary coat room upon entering Museum buildings.
• Photography is permitted but no flash, please. No selfie-sticks inside the Museum buildings
• In consideration of other visitors, we ask that you refrain from using cell phones for calls in galleries.
• There is no lecturing in the galleries except by staff, educators or docents.
• While pencils, sketchbooks, and notebooks are allowed, no pens, ink, paints, markers or easels are permitted.
• Sitting on the floor while sketching or taking notes is also not permitted.
  Lightweight art stools are available for your use while visiting the Mansion galleries.
• Please remember that this is a Nature Preserve; do not engage in any behavior that may harm or damage the wildlife or vegetation that resides
  here. Please remove any litter you or your group may create.
• Pets are not permitted on the Preserve or in Museum buildings. Service animals are, of course, welcome.
• Sporting activities are not permitted. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates should only be used on roadways, not on walking paths or trails.
• No alcohol or loud music is permitted.
• There is no smoking permitted in any NCMA building or within 50 feet of any entrance or exit to any NCMA buildings.


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