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Serving the Community in New Ways

For 30 years, the Museum has offered outstanding exhibitions and educational programs to the public. When the pandemic forced our temporary closure, we found new and innovative ways to connect with our community by introducing the Art with Heart initiative.

· Virtual art classes and tours for families, teachers, and students to enjoy from home

· Art therapist’s videos and livestreams for those with memory loss and on the Autism spectrum

· Live outdoor activities including yoga and the mindful sculpture experience

· Remote learning resources for parents and teachers

· Upcoming exhibitions featuring well-known and emerging artists


Help Keep the Museum’s Heart Beating!

During our four-month closure our revenue streams from admission, the store, facility rental and our major fundraising event were halted and now we find ourselves facing a financial challenge.

Your donation at this time would be all the more meaningful. It takes you and your generosity to keep the momentum going as we move forward with outstanding exhibitions, educational activities, therapeutic programs, virtual classes, and lectures.



Your donation will allow us to play an ever more important role in the community, continuing our mission of offering outstanding exhibitions, education programs and now expanded online and outdoor programming that provide solace and inspiration especially in these troubled times.
Can we count on you for your support?
Thank you!

The Nassau County Museum of Art and its exhibitions are supported by

The County of Nassau Under County Executive Laura Curran and the Nassau County Legislature

The Board of Trustees

Members, including Museum Council,

Corporate Committee,

Contemporary Collectors Circle,

Friends of the Garden

Exhibition and Event Sponsors

Government and Foundation Grants

Corporate and Private Donors

Sources of Earned Income, such as admissions, facility rentals, and the Museum Store


Other generous contributions are provided by

Art Bridges

Bank of America

Ferriday Fund Charitable Trust

Claire Friedlander Family Foundation

Greater Hudson Heritage Network


Educational Programs at the Museum are made possible through the generosity of

Phyllis Backer Foundation Inc.

Ike, Molly & Steven Elias Foundation

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Additional educational support is provided by

Autism Speaks

Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation

Margaret Neubart Foundation

North Shore Autism Circle



2019 Annual Appeal Tops Six Figures

We sincerely appreciate the generous outpouring of support for our 2019 Annual Appeal from a broad range of art lovers, some of them old friends of the Museum and some newcomers. We raised approximately $110,000 from 198 donors, 66 of which were new donors to the museum. We are grateful to our anonymous donors for their generous $20,000 Challenge Grant which dramatically enhanced the results. In addition, we want to thank Angela Susan Anton for her efforts, chairing the appeal once again.

Annual Appeal gifts are essential to our ability to deliver exhibitions of substance, concerts, films, lectures, art classes for all ages and abilities, family programs, school field trips, artist talks and workshops, publications and so much more. Our heartfelt thanks to all our donors whose contributions help the Museum enrich the lives of over 200,000 people each year.

Challenge Grant Donor



Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Cuchel

Mr. and Mrs. Michel David-Weill

Mrs. Huajun Han

Rita & Frank Castagna Family Foundation

Alan and Edith Seligson

The Leviton Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. William Achenbaum

Hon. James D. Bennett

Jun Cao

Cooper Foundation

Del Vecchio Family Foundation

Judith and Paul Hochhauser Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. George Kane

Robert and Esther Mayer

Mrs. Cora Michalis

Ms. Evelyn Rechler

Cynthia and Michael Rubinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stacey

Ms. Shining Sung

$250 – $999

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adler

Bonnie and Arne Arnesen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Chan

Mr. Sheng Lu and Ms. Kelly Chen

Ms. Lisa Chieco

Rita Cleary

Diana and John Colgate

Ilene Sherwyn Cooper

Nancy DeMatteis

Mrs. Theodora W. Hooton

Mrs. Phyllis Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Laskey

Mrs. Jean W. Lesser

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Levin

New England Regional Council of Carpenters

Mrs. Susanne Olin

Mr. and Mrs. James Pi

The Poll Restaurants / Gilles Poll

RTS Print Services / Ray Sikorski

Dr. Jane Segadelli

Brigitte and David Stetson

Mr. and Mrs. John Treiber

Ms. Laurel P. Tria

Mr. Ira M. Warren and Ms. Cindy Selover

Carol Wolowitz

Kathy and Ira Zankel

$100 – $249


Arrow Security

Ms. Ilana Benmayor

Mrs. Paula Berger

Mr. and Mrs. David Bobrow

Elizabeth and Christopher Boylan

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Brodsky

Michael D. Brown Esq.

Eve Califano

Valerie Canadeo

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carras

Bruce and Patricia Chester

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Clark

Ms. Martha Crawford

Nelson DeMille

Mr. Chris Doroszczyk and Ms. Bogusia Doroszczyk-Knysz

$100-$249 continued

Mrs. Roz Eisenberg

Mrs. Rose M. Emanuele

Ms. Rachelle Epstein

Mrs. Laurie Everitt

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Finkel

Ms. Dorothy Frederick and Ms. Jenifer Santoro

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Furuya

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gerber

Mrs. Melanie S. Grotas

Pearl and Nathan Halegua

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Houmere

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ingram

Ronald and Cynthia Katz Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Kay

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Kerpen

Mrs. Marion Kleinkramer

Mrs. Sheila Kolodny

Ms. Alice G. Levien

Dr. Stewart Lipner

Ewa and James Litke

Dr. Alexander Lupenko

Dr. and Mrs. Peter K. Lynch

George and Elaine Malin

Irving and Barbara Markowitz

Mr. Edward Mertz

Nasrin Mesbah

Ms. Elizabeth Nugent

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Omeltchenko

Bertha Person

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Philips

Ms. Carol Polsky and Mr. Paul Vitello

Ms. Janet Price

Ms. Risa Y. Pulver

Ms. Joan Quatrano

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rose

Dr. Marlyn Moffat Salant

Dr. Kay Hutchins Sato

Susan Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stokvis

Ms. Marilyn Sturim

Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Swarth

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Tabler, Jr.

Ms. Marilyn Turtz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vegoda

Mrs. Joan S. Walter

Stephen Weiner and Mina Weiner

Mr. Kurt A. Amsler and Ms. Penny Zaleta

Mrs. Maxine Zinder

Mrs. Gilda Zirinsky

Under $100

Ms. Ruth Abraham

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Altman


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arden

Ms. Anna Avignone

Ms. Gayle Benson

Mrs. Roslyn Berson

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bieber

Mr. and Mrs. John Blunt

Barbara and Fred Bornstein

Ms. Marie Brady

Mrs. Mildred R. Castleman

Ms. Terese Cavanagh

Ms. Helene Chusid

Mrs. Jane Cohen

Ms. Amy Davidson

Ms. Vivian De Annuntis

Ms. Judith Delaney

Under $100 continued

Dr. and Mrs. Klaus Dittmar

Mrs. Christine Einnatz

Ms. Eve Epstein

The Esgar Family

Ms. Thea Esposito

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Feinberg

Ms. Grace Felicetti

Ms. Alex Ferrone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Forrester

Mr. Branch Furtado

Irene Garber

Ms. Mina Gellender

Dr. Michael Goffin

Mr. Robert N. Golding

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Goldstein

Mr. Shawn Gordon / Mrs. Lillian Gordon

Ms. Jacqueline M. Haberer

Mr. and Mrs. David Harrington

Ms. Gene Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hochberg

Jane Jackson

Mr. Ethan Jucovy

Dr. and Mrs. Suk Sik Kim

Ms. Pamela Koehler

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kraus

Ms. Michelle Lent

Mr. David Levine

Mr. Steven Mann

Kamlesh Mehta / The South Asian Times

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Merkelson

Ms. Ellen Miller

Ann Marie Moore

Ms. Helen R. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Morgan

Mrs. Sally R. Morton

Joy Perla

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Petrocone

Ms. Gerri Polidoro

Rabbi Perry Rank

Laura B. Richards

Mr. Gary Roeburt and Mrs. Sharon Miller

Katharine Rubin

Mrs. Emily Schachter

Ms. Leatrice Schafer

Ms. Bernice Schmid

Linda Schwartz

Mrs. Marian Schwartz

Ms. June Schwarz

Rhoda Selvin

Ms. Caryl Shorin

Mr. and Ms. Richard L. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Singband

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sinkowitz

Mr. Bruce Somerstein

Ms. Tatiana B. Speransky

Miss Elaine Steinberg

Dr. D. A. Stracher

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stuckey, Jr.

  1. K. Sutherland

Arlene Trombino

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vorbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vricella

Mrs. Diane Weiner

Susan Weinstein

Ms. Sandy Westen

Julie-Ann Zilavy

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