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Highlights From the Manes Collection

Through March 14, 2021


Welcome to an extraordinary glimpse inside one of Long Island’s most renowned private art collections. Dr. Harvey Manes, whose name graces this building, has offered to share some of his best-loved masterworks, which brings together a roster of art historical giants from

El Greco and Picasso (side-by-side in fantastically provocative juxtaposition), Dali, Lichtenstein, Botero and a brilliantly colorful Hans Hofmann. One of the toughest challenges for a serious collector is keeping pace with Contemporary art, and the highlights he has assembled of some of the stars of the Eighties, including Mapplethorpe, Koons, Sherman, Longo, and their “patron saint” Warhol. It is a stunning chronological tour of art history’s highlights, all in one beautiful gallery.

Born in Brooklyn, an orthopedic surgeon and attorney, Harvey Manes is proud to be an art historical autodidact with a passion for the work of art as object or as expression of the dreams and emotions of an artist, a passion undimmed by formal training. In this way he is reminiscent of Dr. Albert Barnes, one of the great patrons of twentieth-century art (notably Matisse, Modigliani and Soutine). Like Barnes, Dr. Manes is never bored in the company of his art, and looking at art in his company, is never boring.

Ansel Adams, Half Dome 

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