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Marco Remec
Would That I Wish For (Tall Totem), 2018
Utility pole, 160 8.5” acrylic and stainless steel convex dome safety mirrors
25’ x 2’ x 2’
Courtesy of the artist

Marco Remec’s site specific works at the Museum are constructed with acrylic and chrome safety mirrors used for security on buildings and on buses and trucks. Tall Totem places the mirrors on a utility pole, drawing on the tradition of incorporating faces of ancestors on totem poles, a long time fascination for the artist. Grouping the mirrors in large numbers, Remec feels they “speak to the abject fear and paranoia that are a common component of today’s urban and suburban condition.” Now it’s the viewers’ faces that are reflected as well as the surrounding landscape.

How might the changing weather and seasons, and their reflection in these mirrored domes, impact the interpretation of this sculpture?

Marco Remec, b. 1958 – Marko Remec, a conceptual sculptor, graduated from Williams College and Stanford with degrees in art, science, and business. He took his first studio art class as a college freshman, got “hooked” by the intensity of visiting artist Jim Dine, and studio art soon became a major. Practicality, however, led to business school and a 25 year career as a banker. Remec says he now keeps longer hours in his studio than he did as a banker.

My job as a banker was to connect with people and convince them why agreeing with my point of view was in their interest. Art is actually not all that different. I want to connect with as many people as possible, which is what drew me to public art. When I see an empty space, I can’t help but immediately start to think about what could go there. – Marko Remec

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