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Amedeo Modigliani

Modigliani and the Modern Portrait

July 22 November 5, 2023

The landmark exhibition Modigliani and the Modern Portrait will be on view from July 22 to November 5. Devoted to the way that Modigliani powerfully re-defined the art of portraiture, the show includes his masterworks along with paintings and drawings by his Parisian contemporaries (Picasso, van Dongen, Laurencin). Modigliani’s enduring influence on artists even in our own time is shown in a selection of Contemporary paintings by such important figures as David Hockney, Eric Fischl, Elizabeth Peyton and others. The exhibition is being curated by Dr. Kenneth Wayne, founder of The Modigliani Project which authenticates paintings and drawings (two of the works in the show have been recently approved by the committee).

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