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     Music at the Museum

Persian New Year Concert

On-site at the Mansion

Saturday, March 25, 3 pm

Free for Members, Museum Admission for Non-Members

Limited seating

On this happy occasion of Persian New Year, Amir Vahab ensemble will perform songs selected from the poetry of the great Sufi Masters Rumi and Hafez. The ensemble will also perform festive folk and traditional music from the region featuring the ethereal sounding Ney (mystical read flute), Tar (6-stringed long-necked lute), Barbat / Oud (11 stringed short-necked lute) Saz (7-stringed long-necked lute), Daf (large frame drum associated with Sufi rituals), Dohol (double-headed folk barrel drum used most often in celebrations), and Tombak (Persian goblet drum). The concert concludes with the dynamic drumming performance that echoes the universal heartbeat of existence.

Oyster Bay Music Festival

On-site at the Mansion

Sunday, June 25, 3 pm

Museum Admission

Limited seating

Oyster Bay Music Festival


Spiegel im Spiegel Performed by Pei Wen Liao Filmed at the Museum

An internationally renowned soloist who will be playing at the museum during our upcoming exhibition Songs Without Words, Pei Wen Liao made this video in our galleries.

Photo by James Hirata

Mozart Clarinet Concerto Performed by Massapequa Philharmonic Orchestra

Music at the Museum – Mozart Clarinet Concerto Performed by Massapequa Philharmonic Orchestra
Massapequa Philharmonic Orchestra‘s performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto at Nassau County Museum of Art. See Maestro David Bernard and Director Charles Riley’s interview followed by the performance in Music at the Museum

Beethoven's 5th Symphony Performed by Massapequa Philharmonic Orchestra

As part of the series “Music at the Museum’ with Massapequa Philharmonic Orchestra, Maestro David Bernard describes Beethoven’s 5th Symphony performed at Nassau County Museum of Art. Under pandemic restrictions that limited live performances, the orchestra performed in the Museum’s airy tent to create a recording shared with music lovers.

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