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Silk Scarf Painting in Hot Batik Workshop

Workshop with Oksana Danziger 

Friday, June 7, 10am-1:30pm 

Adults and Teens 16+

Location: The Manes Art Education Center 

$81 members | $90 non-members

During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore the captivating art of Hot Wax Batik, a traditional technique used to create stunning designs on silk fabric. Guided by experienced instructor, attendees will learn the step-by-step process of applying hot wax to silk scarves to produce intricate patterns and textures.

One of the highlights of this workshop is mastering the crackle technique, which adds depth and dimension to the final artwork. By strategically applying layers of hot wax and allowing them to crack as they cool, participants will achieve a unique and visually striking effect on their silk scarves.

Pre-registration is required for this workshop.

For more on Oksana Danziger and her practice, go to  www.oksanafiberstudio.com 

For inquiries about this workshop and other questions, please email artclasses@nassaumuseum.org


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