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Let’s Keep the Ball Rolling…

Although the museum will not be hosting a Museum Ball in 2021 due to the pandemic, let’s remember the wonderful past balls and our many fabulous sponsors, honorees and donors who over the years raised the all-important funds to sustain the Museum’s ambitious exhibition schedule and exemplary education programs. Now more than ever, as we expand to online and virtual programming and return to capacity for visitors and students, we need your support.

Let’s celebrate the museum’s year-long response to the needs of all in the community, from keeping the grounds open for everyone to enjoy at a social distance to introducing activities to alleviate the stress felt during this difficult time. Unfortunately, the ball had to be put on hold again even though the loss of this major fundraising event greatly impacts our revenue. That means your donation now is even more significant in our continued recovery.

Let’s support this ongoing recovery and assist the museum in continuing to offer outstanding exhibitions and education programs for adults, children, families, youth on the autism spectrum and adults with memory loss. The Museum is getting back to capacity with timed tickets and gaining a reputation as the “little museum that never quits.”

Let’s donate now. We thank our generous supporters who have offered these incentives:
• Donate $500 or more for a chance to win a $1,500 Americana Manhasset Gift Card.
Courtesy of Americana Manhasset (Drawing at Museum on June 30 at noon).

• Donate $2,500 or more to be invited to Sparkling Pointe Vineyard for a private tasting of select wines with cheese pairings for four guests.
Courtesy of Cynthia and Tom Rosicki.

Thank you to so many who have contributed throughout the years to keep the museum rolling…

With sincere appreciation,
Angela Susan Anton
Board President


Your donation will allow us to play an ever more important role in the community, continuing our mission of offering outstanding exhibitions, education programs and now expanded online and outdoor programming that provide solace and inspiration especially in these troubled times.
Can we count on you for your support?
Thank you!

Vehicle Donation Program to benefit the Museum  

Vehicle Donations are a unique and impactful giving option that helps support the Museum’s outstanding exhibitions and programs. Your unwanted car, truck, boat, motorcycle, SUV or even plane can be accepted as a donation.

Your generosity  qualifies for a tax deduction, and pick-up is free! Call 855-500-RIDE (7433) now or visit: https://careasy.org/nonprofit/nassau-county-museum-of-art to get started!

The Nassau County Museum of Art and its exhibitions are supported by

The Board of Trustees

Members, including Museum Council

The County of Nassau Under County Executive Laura Curran and the Nassau County Legislature

Contemporary Collectors Circle

Corporate Committee

Exhibition and Event Sponsors

Friends of the Garden

Government and Foundation Grants

Corporate and Private Donors

Sources of Earned Income, such as admissions, facility rentals, and the Museum Store


Other generous contributions are provided by

Art Bridges

Bank of America

Claire Friedlander Family Foundation


Educational Programs at the Museum are made possible through the generosity of

Phyllis Backer Foundation Inc.

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Ike, Molly & Steven Elias Foundation

DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund

Wells Fargo Foundation

Additional educational support is provided by

Autism Speaks

Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation

Margaret Neubart Foundation

North Shore Autism Circle



2020 Community Appeal raises a record $153,500!

We sincerely appreciate the generous outpouring of support for our 2020 Community Appeal from a broad range of art lovers, some old friends of the Museum and many newcomers. The Appeal raised $153,500 with 72% of funds coming from new donors.

We are grateful to our anonymous donors for their generous $20,000 Matching Challenge Grant which dramatically enhanced the results. In addition, we want to thank Angela Susan Anton, Museum Board President for her efforts, chairing the Appeal once again.

These gifts allow the Museum to have an ever more important role in the community, continuing our mission of offering outstanding exhibitions, education programs and now expanded online and outdoor programming that provide solace and inspiration, especially during this stressful time.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters whose contributions help the Museum to enrich the lives of over 200,000 visitors each year.

$20,000 Challenge Grant Donor



Chieco Family Fund

Michel David-Weill

Peter & Jeri Dejana Foundation

Ike, Molly & Steven Elias Foundation

The Kupferberg Foundation

David Lerner

Arthur S. Levine

Marjorie Shukow

Carol Wolowitz

$1,000 – $4,999

Linda Carter

Satty, Levine & Ciacco CPAs, PC

Cooper Foundation

Glen Oaks Country Club

Natalia Good

Bill Lambert

Robert O. Mayer

Cora Michalis

Barry L. Nobel

The PHFFoundation, Inc.

Rallye Motors, Inc.

Roger Rechler Foundation

Michael Rubinberg

Ray Sikorski

Margaret Stacey

Melody Su

Shining Sung

Juliana Terian

Nancy Zhang

$250 – $999

David Alexander

Dwight A. Arnesen

Arrow Security

Maria Branco

Louise Braver

Dee Dee Brix

Kelly Chen

Xiao Chen

John K. Colgate

Jacqueline Covey

Judith Delaney

Richard DiGeronimo

Eileen Dispenzieri

Bogusia Doroszczyk-Knysz

Jill Friedman

Isidore Grossman Foundation, Inc.

Virginia Hillman

Theodora W. Hooton

Peter V. Houmere

Neil Klaskin

James Large

Richard C. Laskey

Ellen Lazarow

James P. Levin

Theresa Lian

Wayne Lipton

Ann M. Mallouk

Debra McCalla

Cheryl Metrick

Mary L. Morris

Peter B. Mudge

Nassau Counselors Association

New England Regional Council of Carpenters

Elizabeth Nugent

John Owens

Corrine Paston

James Pi

Andre Clermont-Saad

Myron Susin

Jessica K. Vega

Paul Vitello

Marion C. Wood

Maxine Zinder

$100 – $249

Kurt A. Amsler

Ilana Benmayor

Paula Berger

David Bobrow

Christopher Boylan

Michael D. Brown

Emily Burton

Eve Califano

John D. Cameron

Valerie Canadeo

Audrey Carroll

Ann Chernys

Jane E. Clifford

Nelson DeMille

Elementary Art Teachers at Port Washington

Rachelle Epstein

Diana Ezring

Luisa Ferrante

Jeffrey H. Finkel

Frank J. Antun Foundation

Frederic Furuya

Michele Garfield

Steven Greenberg

Melanie S. Grotas

Jessica Tan Gudnason

Eva Heisler

Elizabeth Heller

Anne R. Hill

Ronald Hochman

Zygmunt Jagiello

Tobe Joffe

Jackie Kaszubski

Joanne Klein

Rachelle Krieger

Merle Levy

Jerry Machtinger

Carol Markman


$100 – $249 continued

Irving Markowitz

Elizabeth Marx

Rory McCreesh

Barbara Meltzer

Rosemary Mittelmark

David Mykoff

Ingrid Nyeboe

Kathleen J. Perry

Richard Philips

Bernice Polinsky

Janet Price

Joan Quatrano

Mark Raifman

Nancy Richner

Eugene Rubach

Phyllis Schalet

Susan Schubach

Rhoda E. Shapiro

Jeff Silverman

Mark Silverstein

Paul Spivack

Laurel P. Tria

Rama Vora

Ira M. Warren

L. Werfel

Susan Wilker

Elizabeth Woodburn

Penny Zaleta

Kathy Zankel

Xiaojian Zhao

$25 – $99

Ruth Abraham

David Abraham

Gail Appel

Nicole Avnet

Gregory Bark

Lynn Beber

Roslyn Berson

Josephine Bianco

Barbara Ellen Black

Anita W. Bloom

Marie Brady

Linda Brancato

Wolstan Brown

Josephine Caffine

Jennifer Camilleri

Vivian Casil

Michelle Centurrino

Leslie Chalson

Kelsey Chapman

Michael Chasanoff

Young-Chang Chen

Helene Chusid

Daniel H. Cook

Dolores Corrado

Caryn Cortegiano

Genevieve DeBlasio

Scott Deneroff

Jane Diaks

Elaine Dinitz

Jane Donnelly

Christine Einnatz

Eve Epstein

Tegwen Epstein

Barbara Factor

Deborah Factor

Nancy R. Fadem

Jill Feldman

Linda Fennelly

Abbott Feren

Richard Fitzmaurice

Elizabeth Fox

Branch Furtado

Karen Gallo

Frances Gmelch

Michael Goffin

Robert N. Golding

Orlando Gonzalez

Shawn Gordon

Claire Gorski

Louise Greenberg

Sheila Greenberg

Juliet J. Gregorio

Louise Grober

Adina Kay-Gross

Jackie Gross

Vincent Guarrera

Jacqueline M. Haberer

Donald Harkness

David Harrington

Kenneth Harris

Roberta Hendler

Jean Henning

Linda Herr

Linda Hochberg

Norman Hollander

Glenn Howard

Walter Hulse

Lucinda Hurley

Karen Ingram

Barbara Isenstadt

Lee Jacob

Barbara Kass

David Kellogg

Susan Kelly

Suk Sik Kim

Mikhail Kogan

Betsy Kotcher

Maribeth T. Kraus

Tanda Lerner

Rose Levin

David Levine

Leslie Lewit

Alexander Lupenko

Mark Manas

Gail Mandelbaum


$25 – $99 continued

Myra Markowitz

Barry Mastellone

Brigitte McConnell

Madeleine Milan

Amy Morse

Rona Moyer

David Mullen

Leon M. Oxman

Therese Padyk

Sharon Pesner

Ronnie Pinquist

Elizabeth Prinz

Dana Reimer

Mary Dillon Reynolds

Gary Roeburt

Jeff Rovell

Florence Rubin

Luella Russo

Therese Sangirardi

Matthew Santamaria

Bernice Schmid

Mischa Schwartz

Susan Schwartz

Ruth G. Selter

Rhoda Selvin

Cynthia Sexton

Rosalie J. Silva

Maggie Silver

Richard L. Simon

Larry Singband

Richard Skaller

Hartley Spatt

Tatiana B. Speransky

Sandra Spitz

Roberta Shamitz-Stahl

Beverly Sternlieb

Harry Stuckey

Kelvin Swarth

Beverly Taubel

Arlene Trombino

Stephanie Turner

Nina Wachsman

Theresa Wallenstein

Maria Warrack

Sandy Westen

Genevieve White

Laura Wolf

Rose Chin-Wolner

Under $25

Maria Aliberti

Gloria P. Altman

Elaine Arden

Ray Armstrong

Conrad Axelrod

Patricia Ann Barry

Tricia Barsamian

Vita Barth

Danielle Bazer

Oronde Bell

Janet Bendowitz

Sarah Bergmeyer

Georgia Binns

Anne S. Borofsky

Emma Bowdren

Nancy Braithwaite

Allison Buser

Julia Callan

Robert Calvin

Sanford Caplan

Virginia M. Carew

Ed Carus

Valerie Cassidy

Anthony Castro

Joel Catania

Dolores Colgan

Sahmahrah Guillaume-Combs

Michelle Conroy

Barbara Consiglio

John Coogan

Marie Costabile

Theodora Cottell

Karen Cunningham

Taotao Dai

Annaliza David

John Dawson

Debra Dennard

Judith A. DiBartolo

Stefanne Duffy

Wayne Elliott

Pauline Ferstenberg

Valerie Franco

Michael Freedman

Sam Germana

Lucille Taverna-Giardina

Robert Giorgio

Leslie Glick

Catherine Goodheart

Robert Graziosi

Stacey Halpern

Kimberly Harvey

Noelle Juliet Giambrone Hatalovsky

Pamela Hawkins

Catherine Healy

Samantha Henrichs

Carl Herr

Andrea Humphrey

Maura Intemann

Jane Jackson

Ashlyn Jaglall

Sanjay K .Jain

Carl Jeanniton

Catherine Kapchits

Shauna Kargan

Megan Kelly

Lawrence Kleinman

Pamela Koehler

Under $25 continued

Marina Kopf

Anna Krevskaya

Kenneth Kriheli

Valerie M. Landers

Jean W. Lesser

Carolyn Levinson

Barbara Lichtman

Michelle Liew

Deborah Lagana-Lorber

Adrienne Lorenzo

Ruth Lowenberg

Shari I. Lusskin

Elizabeth Maas

Steven Mabey

Marlon Maldonado

William Marman

Milton Masur

Ronald May

Valerie Mclaughlin

Lornet Quow-mclean

Ronald Melendez

Sharon Mendelsohn

Diane Menna

Sari Menna

Carol Meyerson

Ellen Miller

Kenneth Mintz

Daphnee Momperousse

David B. Monoson

Elizabeth Neiland

Thomas Novello

Jessica Panczyk

Paul Parisi

William Perfit

Joy Perla

Sandra Pillittiere

Lynne Portnoy

Jacqueline Pratt

Eric Provost

Mike Purcell

Tim Quashie

Jennifer Radigan

Lois L. Rapiel

Arthur Ravander

Inez Regan

Vivian Reichenbach

Janis Riekstins

Agatha Roa

Camille Rodecker

Bertha Romero

Colleen Ruff

Carole Ruggiero

Daniel Ruperto

Annmarie Schloss

Barbara Segal

Leonid Sharov

Kristie Siegel

Barbara Silbert

Scott Silverman

Ruth Silverman

Sam Skozlas

John Sotirakis

Pamela Spencer

John T. Stebbins

Jacob Steiner

Amanda Strobel

Victoria Swidonovich

Christie Tashjian

Samuel Terzi

Julio Torres

Allison Toy

Linda Traimiller

Louise Triano

Marilyn Turtz

Mary Kate Tusinski

Rosette Tyler

Charles Uffelman

Florence Umezaki

Maureen Vazac

Sven Del Vecchio

Joy Venegas

Meera Venugopal

Ann Vinti

Cristina Wanek

Rachel Warren

Eva Winsberg

Chelsea Wolgel

Anna Marie Wong

Patricia Woodard

Amy Xu

Zoe Zhang

Dear Friends of the Museum,

My sincere thanks for your contributions in support of the Museum’s outstanding exhibitions and many wonderful programs offered for adults, families, children and those with autism and memory loss.

We hope you will  take advantage of all the Museum offers either on-site or virtually.

Warm regards,

Angela Susan Anton

Board President

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